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Yard Act

Leeds, Nath Brudenell Social Club

Yard Act have built a sound that speaks inherently to their birthplace of Leeds, West Yorkshire and ties together observations from all walks of modern British life. Across the course of 2020 and into early 2021, the quartet released four increasingly coruscating, hilariously dark singles with ‘The Trapper’s Pelts’, ‘Fixer Upper’, ‘Peanuts’ and 'Dark Days’ all securing BBC 6 Music airplay, and developing a remarkable, ever increasing fanbase. Pulling off a debut album in a pandemic isn’t easy, but Yard Act made it work with their debut album The Overload.

Playing Nath Brudenell for the second time this month, first an album promotion, and now as part of their current tour. 11 straight nights of touring had took it's toll on their frontman James Smith, not that you would've noticed, only known because he brought it to the crowds attention. Not that it mattered, he delivered an outstanding performance of punk rock, to a crowd baited and ready to mosh.

Yard Act are outstanding, and it's a pleasure to witness them in a smaller setting, as this is a band who will grow and grow no doubt selling out arenas in the not so far future. James is a talented frontman, engaging with the crowd with great humour, a story teller with the perfect vocals to deliver their punchy soundtrack.

A third of the way through they refer to a competition they're doing, and ask who want's to enter, a set of hands go up and on gig goer gets pulled onto stage. Ben from Bradford, delivered a great rendition of Peanuts, with a slight pause for memory of the words, the crowd started chanting "Billy from Bradford, Billy from Bradford" he got through the full song, and existed having his moment of fame.

Support came from the talented Baba Ali, who returned to the stage for Yard Act encore, delivering an excellent cover of LCD Soundsystem Daft Punk is Playing At My House.

You can catch Yard Act at various venues across the UK over 2022, as well as some of this summers festivals. I fully recommend catching them if you can, if you've a love for great punk rock music, be it the old or new, you're going to love them. For me they're like the love child of Angelic Upstarts and Billy Bragg, well, they're so much better than that.

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