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Wolf Alice

Nottingham Rock City

What a fucking band. Here I am sat in the pit waiting for them to take stage knowing little to no songs, taking a different angle to how I normally approach music. With gigs, I like to have listened to albums before seeing a band, it differs with festival as there I like to explore new music listening to acts I'd never heard, or heard off. Not the case with Wolf Alice, they've been on my radar for six years now, but I couldn't name a track and at best had only caught one or two of their songs on the radio.

They say you're safe from heart break if you never fall in love, but here they are making me fall in love with them. They've a great variety of songs, nothing is same same about them, they know how to power thru heavy strobe rock, and then let you catch your breath with chilled songs which feel like they're stories you could've lived, or have already, to rap'esk lyrical rhythm. It's no surprise they're touted to be headlining Glastonbury, it it's not in 2022, it'll be soon.

Rock City is packed out, the tours a sell out. Wolf Alice take to the stage starting off with 'Smile' from the excellent Blue Weekend album, of which the set features a good selection of tracks from. Every song delivered pitched perfect to an enthused audience, a pure journey of rock, indie, folk and grunge. They're just fantastic.

After the concert I put on Blue Weekend for the journey home, and it was clear to hear that Wolf Alice are a band who deliver a great experience by stereo or live. The album gave me the same buzz as Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream did when I first listen to that. It just one of them albums I know i'm going to have in my life forever, and will certainly be making sure I see Wolf Alice at every chance I get. It's clear they could sell out arenas, and it's just great they're playing across the academy. As much as I love an arena gig, there's always something special about being close to the action, and not needing some screen to see an act deliver. I feel all who see Wolf Alice over the month of March will leave the gig feeling pure joy and delight, with an immediate feeling of being ready to go again.

Set list:


You're a Germ

Formidable Cool

Delicious Things

Lipstick On The Glass

Planet Hunter


Safe From Heartbreak


Play The Greatest Hits

Feeling Myself



Moaning Lisa Smile

No Hard Feelings

Giant Peach


Last Man On Earth

Don't Delete The Kisses.

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