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Wet Leg, Ritz Manchester

The Wet Leg train doesn't stop, they've a growing fan base, and every time they tour the venues grow. At this rate, they'll be selling out arenas by the end of next year, and stadiums by the summer of 2024. To do this they'll need more songs, plenty more. An hour can feel short for any main act, and that's how longs scheduled tonight. With the majority of gigs being around from ninety mins to two hours, I'm left questioning is an hour enough? By the end i had my answer, quality always outweighs quantity, and this is what Wet Leg bring us, a fantastic set of twelve songs.

Packed out top to bottom, the Ritz Manchester has had the pleasure to be warmed up by Malady, before Wet Leg arrive to kick off the evening with 'Being in Love'. Wet Leg don't feel like they're going through the motions, they certainly know how to entertain and put on the show, with songs as fresh as they are on their excellent self titled album. However, for me, they did feel like a band who have been extensively touring, which should come as not surprise given that haven't stopped playing live since July 2021, be it support, festivals or their own tours. It very much looks like 2023 is going to be yet another epic year for them, with a short rest before they set off to conquer Japan in February, and then join Harry Styles on tour. Hopefully with all the well deserved exposure they're getting, 2023 - 24 will lead to another album, and tour.

Wet Leg are a band you leave ready to see again, and tonight certain moments drive that feeling. As they work through their set, taking pause to thank the support, and interact with the audience, they keep all bouncing on their feet. Until the stage falls silent. A single spotlight drops over Rhian Teasdale, and i'm drawn into a journey, not knowing where i was going, falling in love with their song 'Obvious'. It's delivered in such a way it her vocals cuts through you, the room stands silent, it's an absolute thing of beauty. As the song draws to a close, with the tempo increasing, I feel that this is surely the highlight of the evening (prior to that, i thought it was Supermarket, love that song). Wet Leg kick into 'Ur Mum' with the band screaming away the gig steps up another level, it's becoming and evening of highlights. Two more songs follow, and with no encore, Wet Leg finish us off with the brilliant 'Chaise Longue'. A delightful gig start to end, it's a pleasure and joy to be part of the buzzing crowd to see Wet Leg still very much at the start of their music domination.


Being in Love

Wet Dream



I Don't Wanna Go Out

Oh No

I Want to Be Abducted (by a UFO)


Ur Mum

Too Late Now


Chaise Longue

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