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Tom Odell

Leeds O2 Academy

Tom Odell brings his show to Leeds, with support coming from Etta Marcus, and Rae Morris who has built a long term friendship touring with Tom previously, and who will feature late on in the evening.

A piano sits stage right, fans wait excited, from the moment Tom sits and fires up the keys with Numb I can hear whispers drift across the venue of fans expressing their emotions, there's a real sense of giddiness. Tom Odell delivers with energy, holding his audience attention throughout, without needing to stood centre stage, his music does the talking. Not that the piano will feature throughout the whole gig as Tom takes centre stages guitar in hand to perform to deliver a little chat and perform Tears that Never Dry, something which hasn't featured at previous gigs. A ttreat for the Leeds audience, followed by a delicious cover of True Colours. Three songs later Rae Morris joins Tom on stage for a beautiful rendition of Half as Good as You.

The show was started as it finished, on a high note. And as much as fans would've loved for it to go on longer, Tom stands on his piano with all singing along to Another Love, it's time to go.

A great show, and hopefully he'll be back in Leeds soon to delight fans again.

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