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The Wild Things

The Wild Things are due to go on tour across the UK this October, covering nine venues across the UK. I've had my eye on them as a merging talent for a good year, and managed to catch them in Newcastle as they supported KISS on tour.

I'll start with the negative. They came on so early that the arena had at best a third of its capacity so many missed them perform. I myself travelled two hours, and made sure I was at the arena for the moment the key turned to open the door, to make sure I got to catch them. And i'm glad I did.

The Wild Things are a energetic band, who own their identity, and do not blend into the cosmos of similarity which so many do. Sydney Rae White (lead singer), takes to the stage in a uniform which brings visions on the film Dune, she looks pumped up and ready to perform, bouncing on her heals. I feel it's fair to say they even though the whole band work well with each other, working the stage to share spotlight moments with each other, the electricity and unity which comes from Sydney and Rob Kendrick (guitar) shines through, and draws you into their show. There is a great camaraderie on stage, moments of humour with a pinch of silliness which brings a smile to your face, as you rock your head back and forth to their excellent growing catalogue of rock songs.

The Wild Things are a band I feel best enjoyed live. They have rock and roll quality to them, which is best soaked up by speakers blasting through your eardrums as you immerse yourself into a gig, pogoing the fuck out the floor, or rocking your head with some unknown shoulder to shoulder. It's easy to see why they're liked and supported by rock royalty, such as Pete Townsend.

I enjoyed them so much, I would have happily just as much reversed the starting order, and finished with them. As it's clear that they are a band with all the attributes to develop into the headline act. I feel and hope that The Wild Things are a band which breakthrough the barriers and makes a dent into the auto-tuned generic pop which fills our charts. Widening the music audience to the finer taste of rock n roll.

It is somewhat a surprise that after smashing it across the arenas of the UK they take route across some the the UK's finest smaller venues, and I feel will be a treat for anyone who invests in a ticket. If you can catch them on this bargain of a tour, do so.


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