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The Libertines

O2 Academy, Leeds

Two fantastic support acts in Ed Cosens, and Cruel Hearts Club.

One of Ed Cosens first outings as a solo artist, after recently coming off tour with Reverend and the Makers. Ed's solo work is outstanding, and change of pace from the lively bangers he'd recently been rocking out on lead guitar. This time Ed takes up a acoustic guitar to deliver his semi-autobiographical melody. Immediately i'm drawn in, forgetting i've three songs to capture some images, i'm stuck on the hook listening to each word delivered. Since the gig Ed has gone onto release Fortunes Favour, which is a great album to sit back and chill out too.

Following Ed Cosens came the Cruel Hearts Club, fuck me what a band to get the crowd warmed up for The Libertines. Edie Langley embodies all that is grunge, beautifully delivering a high energy set of great songs, along with her sister Gita. On the penultimate song the band slow things down to allow the crowd to catch breath, before delivering a powerful ending. These are exactly why you always arrive for the support, not only do you get your monies worth, you'll often find a great new band to follow. Sara Leigh Shaw of the Pearl Harts did a fantastic job of covering for their drummer Gabi Woo

After the Cruel Hearts Club, the crowd was pumped and the venue was packed to the rafters waiting on The Libertines to take to the stages, be it somewhat delayed, not down to the band antics, but an over excited fan who'd been enjoying the day a little too much vomiting upfront. Cleaners on hand the band was ready to make their entrance.

Pete, Carl, Gary, and John cracked right on opening up with their crowd pleasing indie anthems. Since they formed in 1997, which seems a good while back now, The Libertines have aged like a fine wine. No drama just great music delivered to a floor bouncing crowd. Hot sweaty and sticky, just as all great rock gigs should be. As the gig goes on, Carl plays to Leeds the crowd chanting 'Yorkshire Yorkshire Yorkshire' which the Leeds crowd oblige returning chant. The gig ends with the excellent 'Don't Look Back into the Sun', and all exit still buzzing.

  1. The Delaney

  2. Heart of the Matter

  3. Horrorshow

  4. Barbarians

  5. Fame and Fortune

  6. Boys in the Band

  7. You're My Waterloo

  8. The Saga

  9. Vertigo

  10. Can't Stand Me Now

  11. Last Post on the Bugle

  12. The Ha Ha Wall

  13. Dead for Love

  14. Gunga Din

  15. Bucket Shop

  16. What Became of the Likely Lads

  17. Death on the Stairs

  18. Time for Heroes

  19. Music When the Lights Go Out

  20. What Katie Did

  21. Up the Bracket

  22. The Good Old Days

  23. Don't Look Back Into the Sun

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