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The Cribs

Sheffield O2 Academy

With their latest album coming out back in the later stages of 2020, Night Network was classed as one of their more critically acclaimed albums as of late.

Unfortunately, the album tour has only just arrived and here they are playing at the Sheffield O2 Academy! The Cribs opened with their hit lead single from the latest album “Running into You” as well as hitting the crowd with a bit of nostalgia of “Our Bovine Public” from their excellent third album, “Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever”.

After an excellent support in the form of Doncaster (now Manchester) based The Blinders, they really weren’t holding anything back.

The crowd for The Cribs were loving it, as they should. You could tell just by standing in the venue that everyone felt a bit nostalgic. Even the younger and newer fans were having a blast. There was a kid sat atop his father’s shoulders for the entire set belting out every word with heartfelt emotion.

The Cribs also treated the South Yorkshire crowd to a one time exclusive performance of “She’s My Style” from Night Network which they hadn’t played before.

The band wrapped up the show with a powerful rush of applause before blending in to the intro of Men’s Needs, a classic as well as rounding the show off with Pink Snow from “For All My Sisters”.

The Cribs are no strangers to Sheffield and hopefully they continue to grace it’s remarkable set of venues soon!

photos & words by Tom Marshall

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