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Manchester Arena

As some fans challenged their decision to proceed with the gig due to the rise in Covid, the rest rejoiced at the chance to see their favourite band, not knowing that this was going to be their last gig for a long time, as it's just 10 days before the UK goes into lockdown.

Supported came from Nadia Sheikh, who delivered an impressive set of catchy indie tunes, with a touch of grunge. Nadia is a shining example as to why you must arrive for the support act, delightfully warming up the crowd for the main event. If you didn't catch Nadia on the tour, she's well worth checking out

The Stereophonics arrive on the stage to deafening cheers. Kelly Jones struts down the long runway into the centre of the arena ripping into chords of the high energy C'est La Vie, arriving at the mic and delighting the crowds which his pitch perfect rock vocals before heading back down the runway to join Richard Jones, Adam Zindani, and Jamie Morrison.

With 28 years under their belt, the Stereophonics are well-versed in taking the audience on a journey, delivering hit after hit, knowing when to raise the stakes with high energy songs and settling them into a balance of calm with one of their ballad rock tracks.

Midway through the evening the band take to the middle of the runway. The feature of a runway is a great addition, giving fans a closer connection with the band, and giving the few well placed chance to capture some up close photos and videos. Here their true showmanship shone through , I watch from the sides delighted with what I was seeing and hearing. This was my first Stereophonics gig, and seeing them live really gave me an insight as to why they're so well loved and sell out arenas every time they tour.

Set list

  1. C'est la vie

  2. I Wanna Get Lost With You

  3. Bust This Town

  4. Geronimo

  5. Maybe Tomorrow

  6. Have a Nice Day

  7. Mr Writer

  8. Hungover for You

  9. Restless Mind

  10. Local Boy in the Photograph

  11. A Thousand Trees

  12. I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio

  13. Traffic

  14. Make Friends With the Morning

  15. Indian Summer

  16. Mr and Mrs Smith

  17. Fly Like an Eagle

  18. Superman

  19. Don't Let the Devil Take Another Day

  20. Handbags and Gladrags

  21. Before Anyone Knew Our Name

  22. Sunny

  23. The Bartender and the Thief

  24. Elevators

  25. Just Looking

  26. Dakota

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