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The Bluetones


Touring with Sleeper as part of a double bill headliner, each night they rotate who starts and finishes, tonight it's The Bluetones turn to kick off the first half proceedings of a true britpop fest.

It's hard to believe that 25 years have passed since Expecting to Fly was released knocking Oasis (What's the Story) Morning Glory off the top spot of the UK album charts. The Bluetones arrive on stage into a venue packed with many who had fully enjoyed the peak of the 90s Brit Pop scene. You can feel the buzz amongst the audience, for many this is their first gig since lockdown lifted. No pressure for the band to deliver, and that they did.

Mark Morriss is now well-versed in delivering The Bluetones hit and engaging with audience. Sounding as fresh as they did in 1996 they delivered the album in perfectly, in the running order fans know so well. Charismatic Mark engages with the crowd, giving great banter on how the night will run, followed by a run of songs and then more chat.

After Time & Again they exit the stage with the crowd chanting for more, they return with an encore of seven more hits.

If you've not seen The Bluetones before, you can expect a well rounded band who know exactly how to deliver their music, with Mark Morriss pitch perfect delivery and willing to engage with the audience, you cannot help but have a great time.

Set List

  1. Talking to Clarry

  2. Bluetonic

  3. Cut Some Rug

  4. Things Change

  5. The Fountainhead

  6. Carnt Be Trusted

  7. Slight Return

  8. Putting Out Fires

  9. Vampire

  10. A Parting Gesture

  11. Time & Again

  12. Are You Blue or Are You Blind?

  13. After Hours

  14. Solomon Bites the Worm

  15. Marblehead Johnson

  16. Never Going Nowhere

  17. Every Breath You Take

  18. If...

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