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Self Esteem

Manchester Cathedral

Wednesday evening in a sunny Manchester, and Self Esteems in town to deliver songs of sexual misadventure and toxic masculinity under the Cathedral roof. It's pretty much the only way you'll get me into a place of worship, by delivering a night of cracking pop bangers, with a house full of appreciative fans.

Bursting at the seams, fans find a spot to catch a glimpse of Self Esteem, band and backing sings, dancers. It's a full indie pop package, delicious songs with a slice or provocative dancing. If concerts could have the perfect mix of fans, I believe Self Esteem does.

Before we can have our taste of Self Esteem we're treated to two support acts. First coming from Marged Sion. Sadly her guitarist is ill, so her set is short. However, this leads to a unique experience with Marged delivering three of her own songs and a Beyonce cover in acapella. It was an absolute delight, and we would've happily listened to many more songs from her.

We're then treated to Manchesters own Phoebe Green, delivering a fantastic set of indie melodies. Phoebe comes across as humorous, humble, and is certainly very talented, putting on a great show to get us all warmed up.

Rebecca Taylor takes to the stage, introduces the band and singers to us, and kicks off the show with "I'm Fine". Working the small stage to the max, Self Esteem truly puts on a great show, engaging with the audience throughout with the most simplistic touch, catching eyes, breaking a smile, and getting right up front submersing them into the gig. Fans are right up against the stage, this is a close as it gets, and such a great opportunity for them to get close, as the reality is that Self Esteem is rising high. The smaller venues which have been graced throughout this tour will no doubt be exchanged for significantly larger ones in future, with barriers to add a small distance between fan and stage. Not that it will make any difference, having seen Self Esteem perform at festivals, I know you feel close to her whenever she performs.

The songs and routines are on point, keeping everyone fixated to the stage throughout. Lyrically brilliant, Self Esteem delivers engaging songs with a strong backbone, on a back drop of rhythmical pop. The gig is a joy from start to finish.

The tour now nearly over, you'll be able to find Self Esteem gracing many a festival stage throughout the spring and summer months, kicking off with headlining Stockton Calling in April.

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Set List

I'm Fine

Fucking Wizardry

Hobbies 2

Prioritise Pleasure

Girl Crush

Favourite Problem


How Can I Help You


You Forever

In Time

The 345

John Elton

I Do This All The Time

Still Reigning

The Best

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