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Sam Ryder

What a vibe and buzz surrounds a Sam Ryder gig. Fans queue around the block, giddy, dressed in shiny jackets which reflect their pop stars style, a few with long blonde wigs mirroring Sams wolf hair.

I've seen the Leeds O2 packed out many times, but tonight it felt like it was PACKED out, absolutely bursting at the seems from the outset. Often support are welcomed to around 60% of the venue, but not tonight, it's near capacity by the time Charlotte James takes to the stage, and had the venue been able to get people through security quicker it would've been at it's max already.

Sam Ryder supports are well received by the Leeds crowd, Charlotte delivering a soulful performance, before Tor notch it up a gear with their indie folk tunes. A well warmed up crowd is now ready to receive the man who get so many cheery during lockdown, before taking the UK to their best Eurovision position since 1998.

Sam Ryder arrives on stage with electrifying energy, adjusting his lyrics of 'Somebody' to reflect where he is, and the fans he'll be entertaining tonight. Brilliantly slick, and vocally perfect, the gig kicks off in style, of which shines throughout the sixteen songs performance.

Sam takes us on a journey, first blasting off, before laying out a middle to take breath, and then ramping it up to another level moving away from his own tracks to power through three splendid covers. Candi Staton club classic 'You've got the Love', Taylor Swift 'We are never ever getting back together', and then bringing the rock with Paramore's 'Misery Business'. After an encore, he comes on for two more, and finishes on a high with his smash hit 'Space Man' leaving the audience to exit on a high, which they'll carry with them until the next time he tours.

It's easy to see why Sam Ryder has a huge fan base, which is ever growing. Music is a way to escape the humdrum of life, and Sam fills a room with so much joy and happiness, it's enough to carry you through to 2024.



Living Without You

Put a Light On Me

Tiny Riot

Ten Tons

Deep Blue Doubt

All the Way Over



This Time

You Got the Love

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Misery Business


Lost in You


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