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Sam Fender

Newcastle Arena

Selling out faster than a Hypersonic Missile, Sam Fender Seventeen Going Under tour ends on a double bill of homecoming gigs, with tonight being the last.

Five years after starting out, Fender signed to Polydor records in 2018 and has been shooting up the charts becoming everyone’s favourite geordie rock star. Two albums in the bag, it won’t be long until world domination, for the 27 year old.

There’s a buzz in the air, some fans have been hanging around the stadium hours before opening, hoping to catch a glimpse of their hometown hero. The venue is awash with black and white, even those who aren't in football tops are supporting the colours, or dressed in merch.

Newcastle flags wave proudly front of stage and across the arena. As the lights drop cheers of excitement ring out and phones fire up like fireflies from the crowd from top tier to the front barrier. The Newcastle United theme ring out over the crowd, delivered by the saxophonist and trumpet player stand back of stage. A fine intro for this hometown hero.

Sam Fender takes to stage cheers aloud, and kicks off the show with "Will We Talk". Standing front of stage, with band to side and behind, a large screen sits at the back streaming out well crafted visuals or images of Fender for each song, adding to this spectacular. Fenders experience shines through, the hard work of the past is being delivered and arena tours are the now and future, with festival headlines ahead, it won't be long until stadium tours are afoot.

The influence of Springsteen is clear to hear, Fender has his very own E Street who alone are a joy to watch, bringing their own energy to the show at any given chance. There's a great vibe throughout the group.

Throughout the concert Fender finds time to engage and joke with the crowd, lightly addressing football and twitter rows, but tonights "all about the music". Fender powers through seventeen tracks, somewhat apt given the title given the title of the tour and current album.

He truly knows how to put on a rock show, and when to go light, and when to go hard. Midway through he gets mosh pit started throughout "Spice" and "Howdon", and absolute powerful explosion of rock under heavy strobes which fast flashing images of him on a red screen changing to every pounding beat. Sam looks out for his fans, he knows the value live music bring, and wants all to have a good time. During "Howdon" he recognises an issue within the mosh pit and pauses until the reveller is assisted to, and then cracks right back with the show.

As the show comes close to the close Dying Light is played to an explosion of confetti, and then it's time for the chanting and encore. An absolutely blinding encore of "Saturday", "Seventeen", and "Hypersonic" with another blast of confetti firing over the crowd.

Sam Fender stands proud with band, showing a genuine gratitude thanking their fans. It was truly an excellent concert.

Set List

Will We Talk

Getting Started

Dead Boys

Mantra Prelude


Better Of Me




Get You Down

Spit of You

Play God


Dying Light




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