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Placebo, Leeds

Placebo issued a pre gig message requesting the concert goers to leave mobiles in pockets, do not film or photograph the concert, just enjoy the experience. This was followed by a sign that stood on screen for 15 minutes prior to them coming on stage.

"Dear Placebo fans.

I would like to kindly ask you NOT to spend the concert filming or taking photos with your mobile phones. It makes Placebo's performance so much more difficult. More difficult to connect with you and to communicate effectively the emotions of the songs. It is also disrespectful to your fellow concert-goers who want to watch the show, not the back of your phone. Please be here now in the present and enjoy the moment. Because this exact moment will never ever happen again. Our purpose is to create communion & transcendence. Please help us on our mission. With respect and love. Peace Namste."

Everything they set out to achieve they did. The concert was fluid, perfect in the sense that this is how concerts should be, all enjoying rather than trying to grasp a memory on a gadget which is unlikely to be viewed often. Just soak in the songs you love, new and old. I could go into the detail of the gig, how it started, the atmosphere, sound, brilliance of the band. However, on reflection and the mantra that Placebo live by, I feel it would be somewhat unwarranted to pass any judgement or review. As they say "this exact moment will never happen again". So the best thing you can do it get a ticket for this or any upcoming tour and experience how gigs should be, raw, full of energy, without the fireflies of mobile phones fluttering across the venue.

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