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Papa Roach

30 years since Papa Roach formed, with 11 studio albums to pull a ray of crowd pleaser from, they find themselves in Leeds supporting Don Broco.

Papa Roach with their rich rock history are in essence not a support band, even though they don't have the grand background staging which sits behind them ready for the headliner, this very much feel like a double headline gig. Everyone within Leeds arena knows every word of every song Jacoby Shaddix delivers with ease. From the outset Jacoby has the crowd in his hands, controlling every mosh pit, the waving devil horns, and the flickering of phone lights lighting the stadium like rock fireflies.

Papa Roach were simply excellent. Reaching into the vaults of their hits, they found space to drop in brilliant covers including The Prodigys Firestarter, and The Cure Lullaby Jam. The gig from the first beat to the last as a mosher and crowd surfers paradise.

With Don Broco tour being short, this was a miss it and miss out week to catch them in the UK in 2023. But this doesn't mean you can't travel a little further a field to catch them at some of Europe great rock festivals during the summer. A plane fare well worthy of any fans purchase.

To keep and eye on when and where to catch Papa Roach


Kill the Noise

Getting Away With Murder


Blood Brothers / Dead Cell

Firestarter (The Prodigy cover)

...To Be Loved

Lullaby Jam (The Cure cover)


No Apologies

None of the Above

Still D.R.E. (Dr. Dre cover)

Between Angels and Insects

Born for Greatness

Last Resort

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