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Mimi Webb

Leeds O2 Academy was packed out from outset, with fans bursting form the seams, jostling for space to catch a glimpse of their pop idol.

After the support had well warmed the crowd up, it was time to wait for Mimi. From the moment she was due to arrive on stage the crowd was already in full voice, chanting for Mimi to come and get the show started. "Mimi Webb, Mimi Webb, Mimi Webb". The sound tech turned the volume up on the pop tunes playing to try and drown them out, but they just chanted louder, until finally chants turned into cheers and screams as Mimi voice drifts across the crowd, a prerecorded message reflecting on her journey.

It's clear to see Mimi is making the most of this moment. The staging is visually perfect, and feels like something which had been sat in her mind as she dreamed of days like this. The drummer and guitarists set back on a white lit platform, where we'll find Mimi stood to kick off the show, before she heads down to work every part of the stage belting out songs to which all the fans are singing along to. There's a real show feel, a theatric edge, from the lighting to the dress design.

Mimi kicks off the show with 'Ghost of You' which gets the crowd into full swing from the first lick of a lyric.

Two songs in and Mimi spots flashing lights front of audience. This leads to some chat with the fan asking if it's a headband, to which it turns out they're wearing flashing glasses, which she finds are great so asks to borrow them. Flashing glasses now making up part of her costume, which is no doubt creating a real moment to this fans delight, until a minute later when they come crashing down to the pit floor as Mimi dances across the stage. This bringing great amusement, which lead to a moment of struggle to carry on as she laughs out the next few lyrics of 'See You Soon' before normal service resumes.

It's clear to see Mimi Webb is going from strength to strength, with her fantastic ability to write personal songs, which are also pop bangers. She delivered the perfect fan night out, great tracks, humour, and audience engagement. It's not surprise everyone left buzzing, yet ready to do it all over again. Next time round she'll be selling out the arena, that's for sure.

This tour comes off the back of Mimi Webb new album 'Amelia' which you can check out here And if you like what you hear you can find where to see Mimi Webb live


Ghost of You

Remind You

See You Soon


Is It Possible


Both of Us

Good Without

The Other Side


Dumb Love


Roles Reversed

Before I Go

Last Train to London

Red Flags

House on Fire

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