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Meadowlands Festival

In it's premier year, with the forest rising in Nottingham, the meadowlands start to party.

Hopefully Meadowlands is a festival which is here to stay and grow. I see little in the way of teething issues for a festival in it's infancy, Meadowlands has been extremely well thought out, giving chance for all acts to showcase themselves, as one stage finishes the other starts.

The main stage stands high and proud, perfect for the crowd to capture their favourite band / artist delivering their set. Taking to the main stage this year The Mysterines, Black Honey, The Reytons, The Kooks, and Gerry Cinnamon.

Each act on the main stage, delivered a perfect set, I've been to festivals which have had issues be it sound or performance, which is certainly not the case at Meadowlands.

There isn't an overwhelming queue for drinks or food, the organisers seem to have found the right balance across the park to keep the festival goers refreshed throughout the day. If any adjustment would be required the following year, it would be more toilet facilities, as there was a queue running across the park from the late afternoon onwards. This didn't give anyone a great disadvantage as from here they could capture the sound coming from either stage.

The second stage much smaller than the main, gave a pleasant more intimate setting, allowing the crowd to be more face on with the acts. Some regular festival bands took to the main stage, with the likes of Zuzu who can often be found playing the main stage at many throughout year, the second stage also consistent of Overpass, Rats, Daisy Brain, and Dylan John Thomas.

It's with hope that Meadowlands repeats it's form next year, and grows from one day to two, as a fantastic city like Nottingham deserves an event like this year on year.

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