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Matt Goss

After some delay, Matt Goss and his big band are prepped to deliver one hell of a show to his fans and York Barbican, and that's exactly what they do.

Matt delivers a gig like no other i've been to, yet. I hope to find more like tonight, as after he delivers two songs, it's time to venture out into the audience and enjoy a shot of tequilia with a lucky fan or two. When it happened i thought, yeah that was fun, nice little change, but as this became a shot after pretty much each song, I started thinking this is epic, what great fun. I would've liked to had been on the end of a shot, just like one other photographer found themselves on the end of one.

It's not often that fans get up close to their idol, let alone share a drink with them, and to do it on this scale made what was already a great show, an excellent experience.

Apart from getting the fans drunk, Matt delivered big band music with swagger, fun, and great vocals. Outside of his Bros days, Matt has found a body of music which he embodies, and enjoys. It's easy to tell that his time in Vegas has paid dividends, and he's a master in his craft of delivering experience. He could easy had turned up and just sang, but Matt delivered so much more in York, and as I understand it the whole tour.

I could be critical and state that Matt could've easily fitted a further six songs into his set, giving a great experience to the many, rather than a delicious tequila to the few. However, i feel if you asked anyone attending, they would be in agreement than they'd rather he walked the steps passing their row, having the chat and a laugh.

I was never a fan of Bros, which did make me hesitant about this gig. However, i'd happily see Matt again, and feel anyone who is a fan of big band music would find this money well spent, should they capture him next time he tours.


Birds do it

Luck Be a Lady

Fave your feats

Nature Boy

I'm feeling good

Fly me to the moon


All About The Hang

Love for sale

The Day We Met

Every time we say goodbye

The Beautiful Unknown

When Will I Be Famous?

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