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The Wardrobe Leeds

Mabel returns to Leeds in celebration of her album launch 'About Last Night'. It's a privilege to attend these gigs. Set in The Wardrobe with a capacity of 450, this is an intimate gig which if pruchased with an album comes in at the bargain price of £3.49.

It's fair to say Mabel absolutely wowed her fans. Arriving on stage to 'About Last Night (Intro)', Mabel delivered a mixture of songs across both studios albums. The tight venue with it's small stage gave the perfect setting to the backing dancers, keeping everyone tight nit in perfect view for all fans, who are buzzing as Mabel works them through twelve tracks. Her vocals on point, each song delivering a different experience, be it solo, one dancer, or a multiple, it was an impressive show from start to finish.

Mabel engaged with the crowd throughout, including coming forward to take the odd photo during the set, to enhance some lucky fans nights.

'About Last Night' is an absolute pop triumph, sounding just as good in the flesh as it does at home. One to blast out when getting ready for a night out. I can't wait to see Mabel to release future tour dates, a must see if you get the chance.

Set List

  1. About Last Night… (intro)

  2. Let Them Know

  3. Mad Love

  4. Finders Keepers

  5. Overthinking

  6. Crying on the Dance Floor

  7. Let Love Go

  8. Boyfriend

  9. Good Luck

  10. Fine Line

  11. Definition

  12. LOL

  13. Don't Call Me Up

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