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Liam Gallagher

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Nottingham Arena

With the crowd well warmed up and ready after Miles Kane, and Boy Azooga had delivered two great sets, the speakers kicked in with Championes, Championes bellowing out across the packed arena. Chants of “Liam Liam” echo around and then the excitement heightened as ‘Fuckin in the Bushes’ kicks in, and out of the shadow a figure swaggers onto the stage to address his audience. “Who shot the Sheriff? Hey, who shot the sheriff? Was it you?” Manc humour delivered, the audience engaged and Liam Gallagher kicks straight into what he does best, as the riffs of ‘Rock and Roll Star’ kick in.

Having seen Liam on his previous tour, I noticed there was something different about the Oasis tune, and sure enough as you looked to the left of stage there Bonehead stood on rhythm guitar.

Liam went onto deliver the perfect blend of his own work from both ‘As You Were’ and the new album ‘Why Me? Why Not’ along with Oasis classics.

Having Bonehead playing on Oasis tracks took me back to when I saw play Manchester in 2005, and took the gig to another level. Liam never fails to deliver. Since the release of As You Were in 2017, I've seen Liam in Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, and Nottingham. If you've never seen Liam live and can make it to any venue, I would fully recommend Manchester, it's the most on top. Homecoming venues always have that little extra punch, even though all the venues I caught Liam at were fantastic nights, it has the edge.

Set List

Manchester City Champions Chant Fuckin' in the Bushes

  1. Rock 'n' Roll Star

  2. Halo

  3. Shockwave

  4. Wall of Glass

  5. Come Back to Me

  6. Morning Glory

  7. Columbia

  8. Stand by Me

  9. Once

  10. Why Me? Why Not

  11. Be Still

  12. The River

  13. Gas Panic!

  14. Wonderwall

  15. Acquiesce

  16. Roll With It

  17. Supersonic

  18. Champagne Supernova

  19. Cigarettes & Alcohol

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