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KISS, End Of The Road

KISS return to Newcastle on their End Of The Road tour, the same tour they last played Newcastle in 2019. It sure is a long road if four years on they're crossing through again.

KISS the kings of rock merchandise, understand the business like no other, 50 years on they're still selling arena tours. A KISS concert is one of the great escapes, with many fans arriving face painted like their favourite band member. The set is as fresh and clean as the day it came out of it's wrapper, visually beautiful, and full of everything a rock fan could dream off. Smoking snakes, green eyed hell hounds, a ton of fire blasting from behind, it's a rock and roll dream.

For me, I feel you need to attend as one who embraces all things KISS. This isn't necessary a gig you arrive not a fan and leave as one, as this was the case for me. I love to attend gigs having listen not a great deal to the band and finding out about them where I feel is best, live. This didn't happen with KISS, I felt as much as they were putting on a show, they were going through the motions too much. Gene sticking out his tongue every minute, was only survivable due to him being in character, without this, it looked like someone needing care. And as I jest, it doesn't matter the true fans, they love it and lap it up. Every motion they've seen before, they soak in again as this might just be the last time they ever do. We've all seen many bands call it quit to end up touring again, and even though this wasn't the gig for me, I would be pleased to see KISS tour again.

Visually KISS are absolutely on point, they really do set up a fine rock show. Musically, if they were a cheese, they'd be a mild cheddar. Does the job, but there's so many out there with a greater bite. The support delivered a better flavour of rock, for my experience, which was sadly missed by many fans who only arrived for their idols.

I do feel if you've never seen KISS, you probably should, they are legends and always will be. They legacy impacted has been witnessed in films and Tv. Even though this wasn't the gig for me, I would've truly regretted not seeing the show. Entering on platforms dropping from the roof with fire blasting, Gene spitting flares, Paul flying across the heads of all the audience to land on platform near the back of the arena during 'Love Gun'. You get the gist, how can you actually miss this. Back in the UK in July, this is most likely you're last chance.


Detroit Rock City Shout It Out Loud Deuce War Machine Heaven's on Fire I Love It Loud Say Yeah Cold Gin Lick It Up Makin' Love Calling Dr. Love Psycho Circus Drum Solo 100,000 Years God of Thunder Love Gun I Was Made for Lovin' You Black Diamond Beth Do You Love Me Rock and Roll All Nite

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