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KAWALA in store tour

What an absolute delight it was to hear a stripped back KAWALA deliver a selection of songs from from their new album Better With You, and back catalogue, with 45 others in an intimate setting of Crash Records Leeds.

Prior to arriving, I listened to their album for the first time, Better With You, which is an absolute joy. For me it's the album I'd put on when i've got friends round, or starting out on a road trip. You can tell through the songs alone that the band are a close nit group, as the songs have a real feeling of being with friend, and this is an album to be enjoyed with friends. Even if it's a song a heartbreak, it's wrote by one and sang by another. Better With You stands alone, it's not an album I listen to and find myself comparing it with other bands in similarity KAWALA have clearly found their authenticity and delivered a genuine delight of art folk pop indie rock.

Jim Higson and Daniel McCarthy are natural charmers, engaging with the crowd at ease, having great banter whilst also sticking to task and promoting their upcoming tour. In this setting theres no escaping, if you're not on point everyone will hear it. Jim (vocals) and Daniel (vocals and guitar) are exactly on point, their vocals over the acoustics coming from guitarist Dan Lee, bass player Reeve Coulson and drummer Ben Batten, are fantastic . This is clearly felt by all, as on occasions theirs a pause between applause, and that comes when the audience is so engaged within the moment.

I left somewhat mesmerised by how much I'd enjoyed the experience, from a band prior to today I hadn't listened to before. I was naturally left wanting more, and pleased knowing that come April I will get that chance again.

To check out KAWALA live you can find them in the below venues.


Thurs 7 Apr – Stylus – Leeds

Fri 8 Apr – The Caves – Edinburgh

Sat 9 Apr – Saint Luke’s – Glasgow

Mon 11 Apr – O2 Institute – Birmingham

Tues 12 Apr – The Marble Factory – Bristol

Wed 13 Apr – O2 Ritz – Manchester

Fri 15 Apr – O2 Shepherds Bush – London

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