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Kaiser Chiefs, Leeds

It's not how you start, it's how you finish, and here is where the tour should probably finish at it's highest. A home coming gig with a Kaiser Chiefs stronghold of loyal fans. No one here rushed to sell tickets because London hadn't gone to plan, they'd never dream of it. However, tonight isn't the finish, it's the midpoint of the tour at a packed out Leeds arena.

Before the Kaisers take to the stage, the crowd (who had managed to get in) were well warmed up brilliantly by the Sherlocks, and The Fratellis. By the time the Kaisers were ready to go the ticketing issues were resolved, and the arena was bursting with a crowd ready to let it all out, singing along song by song.

The band took to the stage floor, and as they warmed up the chords of 'Born To Be A Dancer' Ricky appeared standing on a platform high, with a beaming moon behind him. Their staging is brilliantly visual, well thought out, and from the gigs I've seen previously I feel this is one of their best. As the song finished Ricky bounded down to take centre stage kicking off with the high energy 'Never Miss A Beat'. The band felt together, clearly they've warmed back into touring, with Ricky bouncing from one member to another, and climbing any stand or speaker sturdy enough to give him that extra height to tower over the bouncing crowd. No need to egg on this crowd, the atmosphere was electric, and full pelt throughout.

This was the best i've seen the Kaiser Chiefs perform, maybe it was the home gig which brought out more from them, or maybe it's a sublime bounce back from a bad start a week earlier. If you ever want to see the Kaiser Chiefs, try and get the home gig, as good as they are at any venue, there is an edge which take it higher. Like a Spinal Tap speaker being moved to 11.


Born to Be a Dancer

Never Miss a Beat

Heat Dies Down

Na Na Na Na Naa

Modern Way

How 2 Dance

Coming Home

Love's Not a Competition (But I'm Winning)

Northern Holiday

The Factory Gates

Everyday I Love You Less and Less


Hole in My Soul

Misery Company

I Predict a Riot

The Angry Mob

People Know How to Love One Another

Oh My God

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