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James Blunt

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Leeds Arena

James Blunt has been referred to as many things, the marmite of pop, the king of uncool, a better tweeter than singer. In 2004 You're Beautiful coming on the radio was the quickest way to get me to change the station, I didn't feel he had a plan, and if he did I wasn't interested. 4th February, I catch a cringe worthy interview with James Blunt, and reflect on my own opinion of his music, so felt it was only right to change my opinion by going to see him live.

I walked in a reviewer, and left a fan. James Blunt delivered a fantastic show, from the start to the finish, and when I say start it starts with the support. Warming up the crowd this cold Yorkshire evening was Gavin James a charismatic charmer, with great wit and a fantastic voice. He had the audience singing along to songs they didn't know, getting up for a boogie, and no doubt leaving googling him and adding his albums Boxes, Only Ticket Home, and Bitter Pill to their playlists. Gavin James one of Ireland finest, should be flooding the UK charts, and I hope to hear more from him soon. The arena was all seating. James Blunt arrived ready to take us on a journey, slowly building us up from soft ballads to rock. Kicking the show off with Breathe, he tantalised the fans, moving up the tempo song after song. By midway through all were off their chairs dancing through to the end. Two thirds in, James Blunt did something that the majority of bands have held back on during these strange times, and that was to enter the crowd. He wasn't going to put his tour at risk though, James donned a gas mask and shot out into the crowd giving high fives too many delighted fans.

Every few songs he would deliver some great humour, with some stage chat, or challenge us to out sing the Welsh fans who he'd entertained a few nights before. Finishing on OK the crowd went wild demanding more, he didn't make us wait around too long before running back on stage to deliver an encore of Bonfire Heart, and 1973. After a rapturous round of applause, many left with grinning from ear to ear. For me it had been a surprise experience, leaving with the feeling that I can easily say i'm a genuine fan.

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