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James Bay, Leeds

James Bay, better late than never. It was a shame to see James Bay had fallen ill and wasn't to play Leeds on the 21st November. However, for Leeds it was a blessing in disguise. Leeds now sits as the last date of James Bay 'the Leap tour', and boy oh boy was it worth the wait. I'm sure every night has been just as good, but this felt like the final push, one last big night, one final singalong.

James Bay was outstanding from start to finish. Kicking off the evening with 'Best Fake Smile' James delivered a audience arousing set, bringing high energy with shouts on "come on Leeds, this is the final night, let's do this" Leeds audience weren't going to let a cold Monday stop them from doing it. By song four "If You Ever" James Bay and gig goers were in full voice, and this set the mode as to how the gig would run. Even as James slowed things down mid gig, all stayed in full voice.

The gig had a great vibe, with lots of humour, included a memorable moment when James Bay was joined on stage with tour support Kevin Garrett as they sang 'Save Your Love' and 'Fade Out' together.

A perfect evening was finished off with 'Scars' and the smash hit 'Hold Back The River' It's safe to say that Christmas came early for all who attended this sold out show.

For someone who's never seen James Bay live, and only caught a few of his songs on the radio over the years, I didn't think this would be my kind of gig. How wrong I was. James Bay is outstanding live, he's everything a musician should be, bringing raw energy and a better experience than an album version of any song played. He's an absolute must to catch live. So far 2023 shows you can catch James Bay at the Royal Albert Hall, London, which will be must goto for any fan. Outside of this it's expected you'll be able to catch him at festivals, with currently Isle of Wight Festival confirmed.


Best Fake Smile

Endless Summer Nights

Give Me The Reason

If You Ever Want to be in Love


Love Don't Hate Me

Peer Pressure


Let it Go

One Life

Stay After Summer

Silent Love

Need The Sun to Break

Save Your Love

Fade Out

Pink Lemonade

Get Out While You Can



Hold Back The River

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