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James Arthur

Leeds O2 Academy

2022 marks the ten year anniversary since James Arthur took to our TV screens auditioning for the X-Factor. It was clear then as it still is today that James has an abundance of talent, writing and delivering great songs for his fan base. X-Factor worked as a stepping stone to bring this talent to the world, the reality is he should’ve already had been signed up and on our airwaves. Lucky for us when the show existed, it gave the opportunity for these hidden treasures to step forward. It didn’t come as much as a surprise to me that he won the ninth series of the show, as soon as I saw his audition I said that’s the winner.

Today with four studio albums in the bag, a long list of award nominations and wins, James Arthur arrives in Leeds.

To warm up the Leeds crowd Sonia Stein takes to the stage delivering a set of delicious melodic pop hooks. Sonia is a reminder as to why you always arrive early to gig, an absolute crowd pleaser, getting everyone in the mood with her electro funk RnB vibe and delicious vocals. Check out Sonia work at

James Arthur takes to the stage and gets the show up and running with “4000 Miles” from his current album “It’ll All Make Sense in the End” flowing straight into “Medicine” before taking a quick pause to egg the Leeds audience into throwing some 8 Mile style moves for the chorus of “Sermon”

Being at a James Arthur concert is more than just listening to his music, you’re very much in his company, of which he’ll take time to engage and have great banter and fun with the crowd. After “DEJA VU” he engages with the Leeds crowd to fire up the room like fireflies with their phone lights a lit, and breaks into “Falling Like The Stars”. Then it’s more engagement, along with making two fans night extra special by sing happy birthday to Keely, and then Zoe. When he asked who had a birthday tonight, it was like all of Leeds birthdays came to one venue on the same night. But Keely and Zoe were the lucky fans to be sang to, before James cracked on with “September”

A third of a way into his set James Arthur transitioned to the acoustic guitar, delivering a beautiful selection of tracks, “Rewrite The Stars”, “Safe Inside” Empty Space”, “Emily”, and “Naked”, again with more chat and engagement to make this a special show for his fans. From here it was back to the electrics, delivering four more crowd pleasers before running with an encore of “Trainwreck”, “Lasting Lover”, and the aptly titled “Say You Won’t Let Go” as we didn’t want to let go, we'd happily stay for hours more enjoying his songs and company.

This was a fantastic concert from start to finish, with brilliant support. Leeds can’t wait to entertain James Arthur again, hopefully sooner than later. To keep an eye out for future dates, as well as the current tour visit

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