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Hot Milk

Supporting Pale Waves, Sheffield O2 Academy

Mancunian Emo power turned up to the max. Jim Shaw and Han Mee come bounding onto the stage to deliver a high energy set of banging rock pop Emo, to get the Sheffield crowd warmed up for the Pale Waves. If anything after a great be saucer of Hot Milk was served up, the audience needs a cool down.

Jim, Han, along with bassist Tom Paton and drummer Harry Deller bring a whole load of fun and energy through their eight song set. Egging the crowd on (not that it takes much), to join in, start mosh pits, and full on enjoy every moment of their set. With a slight pause to bring out Bitters who are also supporting, to have some celebratory last night of tour drinks, whilst toasting the crowd.

Hot Milk songs deliver all the emotional hardcore needed, and more. Since 2016 they've took the Emo mantle and ran with it, equaling the quality of all the US Emo bands which we've enjoyed for so many years. I really enjoyed seeing them live, and hope to see them again, if you get chance to catch them, do, as you won't be disappointed.

Set List:

Split Personality

I JUST WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I'M DEAD Wide Awake I Think I Hate Myself Glass Spiders Bad Influence Candy Coated Lies Awful Ever After

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