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Gregory Porter

Leeds Arena

An evening with Gregory Porter is an absolute delight from start to finish. From his soulful vocals taking us on a journey through the stories within his songs, to him stepping back and allowing the music play, each of his fantastic band taking their moment to shine . It's an evening of applause after applause, and that's before the song finishes.

Gregory takes time to let us fall into his songs, nothing is rushed, each a five star experience. Occasionally a pleasant moments in-between songs where he addresses the audience, telling short stories on what the song means to him, be it why he wrote it, or how he adapted it to other people, not just the ones he wrote it for. An insight to how he started out singing at a young age, who helped him on the journey, and how he comes to where he stands with us now.

Gregory Porter is one of the most soulful singers of current generation, and absolute master in his class. Anyone who's a fan of jazz, blues, soul, cannot help to have the best of experiences at one of his concerts. With six studio it must've been difficult to whittle the setlist down to just 15, of which Gregory did, choosing a fabulous set of fan favourites.

Set List


If Love Is Overrated

Liquid Spirit

No Love Dying

Hey Laura

Dad Gone Thing

Take Me to the Alley


Water Under Bridges

Bad Girl Love

Bass Solo

Papa Was a Rollin' Stone

Musical Genocide You Can Join My Band

Mister Holland

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