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George Ezra

Three years on from his last sellout visit to Manchester 21,000 capacity arena, George Ezra arrives back in Manchester, this time selling out two consecutive days. Clearly Manchester is a city with a lot of love for George's music.

Last time around George's set was a flat stage, with beautiful visuals sitting behind him and the band, with lanterns lighting the arena sky. It's still to date one of my favourite shows, and i'd somewhat hoped for a similar setting, but as with life we all evolve and nothing stays the same. On this tour George stands proud front of stage. His band stand on a raised platforms behind him, where he will give them all their time to shine during the set. This is not just a George Ezra gig, it's very much George and band. At the back running across the width of the stage sits a huge screen, ready to deliver well crafted visuals to compliment each of his songs.

Supporting the double denim George will bewitch us over 90 minutes, delivering delights from all of his three albums, Wanted Voyage, Staying at Tamara's, and Gold Rush Kid.

Kicking off the show with Anyone for you (Tiger Lily) , George serves up a slice of his upbeat songs. With the crowd in full voice and bouncing, he balances out his show giving time for the audience to catch breath during the mid point where he brings a relax vibe to the Manchester the crowd by stripping away the band, hiding them in the shadows whilst a single light cascades down upon him. Spotlight lit, and pianist sitting by the side, George delivers Hold My Girl , followed by a further four more beautiful laid back tracks.

As George reaches the last song of this mellow section of the show, he's ready to raise the roof again, and finish his Manchester audience off. He starts to tell a story about how he came to write the next song, and within seconds everyone has realised what it is, and the cheers have already started. Georges stories on how he came to find the song add great volume to his show, in 2019 there seemed to be more, and as much as I like bands to get on with the show, listening to Georges stories really adds to the experience and I would've liked to have heard more this time, even if it was the same ones as before, as for many this was their first time seeming him. George ends his story about how once he followed music and came across a joyous celebration, which turned out to be a funeral, and from this experience he just wrote three lines. "Green green grass, blue blue sky, you better throw a party the day that I die" The crowd erupts to this song, and from here George follows up with Paradise, Blame it on Me, he brings a full carnival vibe with steel drums being rushed onto the stage, before finishing off with Budapest.

After a rafter of appaulse and shout for him to return, it's encore time. Two track encore, starting with Dance all over me, and finally the one song which had been screamed out for by many during the whole concert Shotgun. Before breaking into Shotgun he egged on the Manchester crowd by stating that the first show he had done on this current tour had set the bar, and that was in Liverpool. There's nothing like adding some North West rivalry to make the crowd take the volume from ten to eleven. And here the show finishes, George pays further tribute to the band, and all take centre stage to soak up the applause, leaving Manchester fully satisfied for a second night running.

This concert absolutely delivered from start to finish. A George Ezra gig is a joyous family occasion for all to enjoy, loved by all ages. It's safe to say if George want's it, he can return and sell out Manchester over and over throughout his career.

Set List: Anyone for You (Tiger Lily)

Cassy O' Get Away Gold Rush Kid Pretty Shining People Barcelona Saviour Did You Hear the Rain? Hold My Girl Sweetest Human Being Alive In the Morning Manila All My Love Green Green Grass Paradise Blame It on Me Budapest

Dance All Over Me Shotgun

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