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Don Broco

March 2023 and Don Broco have embarked on their largest Arena tour to date, short in days, high in fans.

Day two of their tour they arrive in Leeds, full of energy, and buzzing to have so many ready to rock. Even though theres only four dates in the UK, they haven't held back on staging their set, arriving in front blocks of light igniting each member one by one, before Rob Damiani ignites a flare held up high and kicks off the set with 'Bruce Willis'

Songs on points, mosh pits a go go, and crowd surfers flowing over the barriers, Don Broco power through the first two, before reflecting just how much energy they're getting back from the Leeds audience on a Thursday night. Then getting right back into it.

The band bounce from side to side taking little time to pause, only Tom and Simon catching breath as they rip into their guitars and Rob works every part of the crowd. Until Rob stops to address the crowd again, to find out how far all had travelled, and show appreciation for all. Starting with Leeds, that being the majority of the crowd, then followed by Manchester, Liverpool and further a field with cheers and boos coming from every other which wasn't Leeds, brought Rob great amusement.

Back on with the show, and then special guest Jacoby Shaddix arrives for 'Manchester Super Red No.1 Fan' and 'Thug Work'

The gig was an absolute blast from start to finish, a delicious mini rock fest featuring Dance Gavin Dance, and Papa Roach, it exceeded expectations. Next time you can see Don Broco on home turf comes in August at Leeds / Reading Festival, for future dates


Bruce Willis




Come Out to LA

One True Prince


Manchester Super Reds No.1 Fan (with Jacoby Shaddix)

Thug Workout (with Jacoby Shaddix)


What You Do to Me









T-Shirt Song

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