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Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Leeds O2 Academy

For me the DMA'S deliver a fantastic blend of indie rock which taps into multiple generations of music fans. In my opinion this is a rariety, as even though many bands are apprieciated, this doesn't lead to multiple age groups turning out for their gigs or buying their albums. DMA'S songs remind me of the ones I feel in love with back in the 90s, but by no means do I feel they're a reflection of that time, they're very much of the now.

I first caught the DMA'S when they supported Liam Gallagher at Manchester Arena, and they set the venue alight, with mosh pits bouncing throughout their set, and flares a glow all over the show.

Seeing them in a smaller setting was just as vibrant as in any arena, the crowd was bouncing and building up to full swing before the band had even hit the stage. The more well seasoned fans had dropped off to the back of the venue as the youth took to climbing on shoulders and were fully pumped to start moshing before the first chord was striked.

Arriving fashionably later than scheduled, Johnny took to the stage teasing fans as he tantalised the synth in the darkend arena before Matt and Johnny followed, the lights shot up Never Before kicked in and the show was on in full force.

The DMA'S delivered an excellent set on their last day of the English part of The Glow tour, hopefully fulfilling fans just long enough for their return in 2022.

Support was delivered with a double bill of Liverpudlian musician, the RATS, followed by Pixey

Set List

Never Before

The Glow


In the Moment


Life Is a Game of Changing


Emily Whyte

We Are Midnight

Tape Deck Sick

In the Air

Hello Girlfriend


Junk Truck Head Fuck

Play It Out


Lay Down

Feels Like 37

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