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CRAWLERS, Nath Brundell

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

CRAWLERS arrived in Leeds at the mid point of their 'Loud Without Noise' tour.

‘Loud Without Noise’ is CRAWLERS’ debut mixtape under Polydor Records. Completed by Amy Woodall, Holly Minto, Liv Kettle and Harry Breen, the band formed in 2018 and have been putting in the hard yards, honing their live show with gigs across Merseyside. Word began to spread and soon CRAWLERS were attracting diehards from further afield, racking up 650k followers on TikTok, the band’s knack of injecting personal tales into their universal singalongs connecting on a mass scale. Using their status is of vital importance to what CRAWLERS are about. “It’s really hard to find a safe space – especially for young people, queer people, and other misrepresented or underrepresented groups – and being able to do that with our platform is something we’re looking forward to exploring and breaking boundaries with,” they say.

The Nath Brundell venue is the heart of regular music in Leeds, with tickets selling out in no time for Liverpudlian Alt Rock band. The atmosphere in the venue is electric, venues like Nath Brundell give the growing loyal fans base a treat to stay close to. To get everyone warmed up, Daisy Brain are supporting CRAWLERS, a brilliant grunge band and well worth the entrance fee alone.

Taking to the stage CRAWLERS kick the gig off with 'Too Soon' playing 12 songs covering their EPs 'CRAWLERS' and 'Loud Without Noise'. The last time they played here they played to a room of eight. Not tonight, its a full house, which makes for a squash and a squeeze as all take to to the floor before bursting into life for 'Statues'.

CRAWLERS are an up and coming powerhouse in the growing Alt Rock market, delivering emotional songs, with themselves holding back tears. With their gigs full of heart and soul, it's easy to see why they've a rapidly growing fanbase. The evening was not just about CRAWLERS, one couple managed to get in on the act with a proposal before CRAWLERS finale 'I Don't Want It' luckily this was the answer from newly engaged. With one reveller now supporting a sparkling ring it was the CRAWLERS who shone the brightest, with an absolute blinder of a performance.


Too Soon



Feminist Radical Hypocritical Delusional


Hang Me Like Jesus

Fuck Me (I Didn't Know How to Say)


I Can't Drive

Come Over (Again)

I Don't Want It

📷Fern Johnson

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