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Manchester Apollo

The venue is packed by the time the support, Melbourne based 'Highschool' take to the stage, which is not a common sight at most gigs. It's clear from the outset there's a buzz of excitement and anticipation throughout the venue, the last time CHVRCHES were in town was February 2019, it's been too long. Fans are stood ready to soak in songs from their current album "Screen Violence", having arrived and rushed to the front to hold their place until CHVRCHES take to the stage.

CHVRCHES set is up is a thing of beauty, with Manchester Apollo deep wide stage it's a perfect pairing. Stood standing at the back of stage, in front of a screen are three stands where Iain Cook, Martin Doherty, and Jonny Scott take their place. Smoke rises against the dim lighting, throwing some shade of shadow, the synths fire up, the mic stands centre front awaiting its master to arrive.

Lauren takes to stage "He Said She Said" kicks in and the darkness is lifted, lights casting shadows of Martin, Iain, and Jonny from behind. The screen present imagery to complement each song, be it by lights which make you feel the stage is rising, or dragging you off into another dimension, or well crafted videos which enhance the story telling. It's a visual dream.

The band are selfless catering for each member to show off their skills, be it keys, guitar, drums, or vocals. This is certainly shown when Lauren exits the stage a third of the way through, and each member spotlights what could be said as their own solo, before Lauren returned outfit changed from red to black to carry us through to the encore.

The show to caters to 70% of the new album, along with a great mix of fan favourites across the band 11 year existence. The Glaswegians know how to look after their fans, not just with delicious vocals and visuals, but by also taking on over exuberant who struggle to handle their excitement which over spills into them becoming crowd trouble makers. Lauren address them telling them to calm down, it's not that kind of show. Martin jumps down into the pit to have further words, as this gig is for all to have a good time, not for a few to spoil, and the issue is sorted. Lauren spots a child on the wings, and has a chat with banter with them, apologising for her corse language which gives us all a laugh. And the show goes on.

After "Never Say Die" it's time to vanish from stage, await the encore as fans cheer for more. Lauren returns to stage sporting a Final Girl t-shirt, blood stained, with both hands and arms also covered in fake blood. Another visual impact from this fantastic band, as they let us go with three songs "Asking for a Friend", "The Mother We Share", and finishing us off with the fantastic "Clearest Blue" which truly sent everyone away on a huge high. Hopefully we'll see them grace the footsteps of a Manchester venue sooner than later. CHVRCHES are truly an exceptional band, and I say this on the back drop of never having seen them before, and only knowing a handful of songs at best. They've gained one more lifelong fan, of which they already have an abundance of.

Set List

He Said She Said


Leave a Trace


How Not to Drown

Violent Delights


Good Girls

Bury It


Night Sky

Final Girl


Never Say Die

Asking for a Friend

The Mother We Share

Clearest Blue

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