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Actor, singer, songwriter, Christy is currently supporting James TW on tour. Tonight he arrives in Leeds Belgrave Music Hall ready to delight fans of songs from the heart.

Everyone of Christy songs seem to be inspired by someone he loves or loved, which means he must've loved many, and I'm glad of it given the wealth of songs he's written about them. Christy takes to the stage with great warmth and humour, instantly likeable. As soon as he starts to sing, you listen, they're songs with feeling, every line leaves him like a bard telling of his life.

Christy's interaction with the audience comes between every song, often due to a guitar change, he doesn't leave us waiting in silence, it's clear he is well versed in his craft. Mid way through his set, he takes to delivering a song unplugged, silencing the whole room with his beautiful vocals. From this he follows with what would seem his most personal song 'Dancing With Air' a song wrote for his fathers wife who's fighting cancer, and how he would feel without her in his life. 'Dancing With Air' is a beautifully crafted song, showcasing his songwriting ability to deliver real emotion. It's clear he feels proud of this, as the lyrics sit in poster form ready to purchase on the merch desk, and rightly so.

Christy leaves the audience on a high, ready to enjoy the rest of the night, and no doubt ready to purchase tickets when he comes touring again later in the year with his full band.

Every singer requires that one breakout song, and I hope Christy finds his, as this will open up his back catalogue to a wider audience, which will be well deserved. I feel 2023 will be a great year for him.



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