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Carly Rae Jepsen, Manchester Apollo

Updated: Feb 14

On a chilly February evening Manchester is treated to one of Canada finest pop exports. Carly Rae Jepson brings her 'The So Nice Tour' to town.

I arrived knowing one song, a song which a journalist friend of mine forcefully argued to be the perfect pop song on it's release, that being 'Call Me Maybe'. Having no idea what to expect and somewhat under the impression this might not be my thing, Carly took to the stage kicking of the evening with 'This Love Isn't Crazy'. From the start to the end, I as all there, were treated to a high energy poptastitc show, an absolute masterclass in how to deliver an excellent gig.

Carly Rae Jepsen delivered one of the finest nights of music I've been to, I was sucked in by her energy and charisma. Not knowing any of her back catalogue, I found myself stuck at the front of barrier bobbing away like each song was an old friend, along with all who knew every word and showed it by singing along.

Carly split the show into two acts and an encore, belting out 25 crowd pleasers. She bounced around the stage, enjoying time with all the band and backing singers, everyone playing a part in the show. At times she would come bounding down into the front of the pit pit, jumping up front with her fans singing along, making all feel like they're part of the show experience. Her fans not just here to witness and adore, but to be part of it, a feeling like we belong to the Jepsen clan. This was enhanced by Carly giving her fans chance to choose and request songs on multiple occasions.

Every element of the concert was well thought out, a beautifully set staging, confetti canons blasting out on three occasion, and a fantastic set list. In times where there has been so much struggle in the world, Carly truly gave Manchester a huge slice of joy, and genuine release where you get lost in her music. Everyone left the Manchester Apollo with beaming smiles, no doubt humming away for days after.

If you get a chance to see Carly Rae Jepsen live, do so. You don't even need to know her back catalogue of must, she just has a way to create such a buzz you cannot help to get dragged in and mesmerised by her.


This Love Isn't Crazy Run Away With Me Surrender My Heart Too Much Joshua Tree Julien Talking to Yourself Emotion / Favourite Colour Call Me Maybe Stay Away Bends Western Wind So Nice I Really Like You Want You in My Room Your Type Cry Boy Problems Now That I Found You I Didn't Just Come Here to Dance The Loneliest Time When I Needed You Go Find Yourself or Whatever Beach House Cut to the Feeling

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