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Caity Baser

Right now Leeds is all about the Baser. The venue, Leeds Stylus, is pack out. This gig sold out in a minutes, and no doubt could've well been shifted to a larger venue had one been available this Monday evening.

The atmosphere is electric, the waiting fans singalong with the music playing which adds the buzzing vibe. It feels more like a Friday, rather than the start of the week. At this point i've no idea why, i've not seen Caity Baser before, nor listened to any of her songs. As soon as she hit the stage, I had my answer.

Caity is a pop star with bags of energy, songs wrote from a heart, and a couldn't give a shit attitude, take me as I am. Caity is also just as humble, and shows this, absolutely buzzing that here she is in Leeds, miles from where she's from and everyone their knows all the words to the songs. It's clear that love is mirrored both ways. As emerging talent goes, I expect Caity Baser will be a well established name in the not so distant future.

Caity kicks things off with her first top 40 outing, Friendly Sex. Listening I can see why she's drawn comparison to the likes of Lily Allen, and this is something i'm glad off as I love Lilly Allen and it's nice to have some new blood delivering bangers of that style. From here to the end, she bounds across the stage delivering an exceptional show. Even half way when she slows it down a tad, the energy doesn't drop off. It was simply a brilliant gig, which was clearly felt by all.

Caity Baser is well worth the money, and even though too late to buy for this tour, you can catch her playing at many festivals over the summer months.

For more on Caity Baser:

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Friendly Sex

Feel More OK

That's What Friends Are For


Average Student



Leave Me Alone


X&Y Medley

Say It Like That

Kiss You PT2 and 1

Pretty Boys

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