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Black Star Riders, Leeds

Black Star Riders ride into town with a strong support, consisting of Phil Campbell and his Bastard Sons, and Michael Monroe. A excellent ensemble to take this Leeds audience on a three hour power tour of hard rock and glam punk. So strong was Phil Campbell and his Bastard Sons, that I witnessed audience members have to take breathe throughout all of Michael Monroe set. Michael Monroe set had to be stopped at one point to allow a minor medical emergency, as yet another audience member needed assistance to take a breath outside the venue. Now many it was the age of some of the gig goers, but with the bass ripping through my ribs and guitars racing the heart, I believe it was injury caused by rock n roll.

Black Star Riders were excellent, delivery a powering set, with a strong flux of Irish influence which was felt best as Another State of Grace powered into the crowd of head banger. Working through tracks from their five studio albums, they had the crowd engrossed and rocking away from the first beat to finish. It was a furious rock gig, not letting off the pace, rock royalty Phil Campbell arrive back on stage to join Black Star Riders at their midway point for 'Don't Believe a Word' taking the volume from 10 to 11. And that wasn't the end of the touring support adding to the experience, with Michael Monroe joining the boys for 'Tonight the Moonlight Let Me Down'


Pay Dirt

Another State of Grace

Better Than Saturday Night

When the Night Comes In

Riding Out the Storm

Wrong Side of Paradise

Crazy Horses

All Hell Breaks Loose



Don't Believe a Word


The Killer Instinct

Before the War

Testify or Say Goodbye

Tonight the Moonlight Let Me Down

Kingdom of the Lost

Bound for Glory


Finest Hour

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