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As the leaves exit the trees and the winter months draw in, the heat rises in the city of Leeds, as for sure it's hot in the city tonight. Billy Idol is in town, a pleasure fest of punk rock, with support from Toyah, and Killing Joke.

The rebels are in full force tonight, a crowded arena doused leather jackets, as well as a various rock t-shirts supporting the bands on show. With an ecliptic audience, the arena is heavily pack for it's 7pm kick off. Toyah gets the show started with a ray of her post punk hits, fully warming up the Yorkshire crowd. The Killing Joke take us to another level, with heavy rock, and a bass which pounding shatters through the walls of the arena, no doubt carrying itself over the streets of Leeds.

There is a temporary peace across the arena, as people await Billy Idol. As the lights dim the atmosphere rises quickly, the seats placed on the floor a waste of space as everyone takes to their feet, for where they will mainly stay, after all this is a rock show.

The band fires up Dancing With Myself, as eyes of fans dance around the stage awaiting to see Idols arrival. The stage setting is brilliant, a well lit high backdrop which will carry images throughout as each song is delivered, in-front a raised platform which Idol arrives on. Standing at the back as the band works the front, Billy delivers half the song before walking down onto the stage where a platform stands centre proud for him to stand on as the main focus. Fans are a buzz, rock is back in town, and Billy knows how to deliver it.

This isn't a greatest hits tour, Idol has a wrath of new songs, of which he will include within his set. Living the rock and roll live style since the early 70s, Idols new music is strong and carries a lot of self reflection some driven by lockdown, and on the issues he has had to overcome to find a life of clean living. He takes a breath to address some of these, and the meaning behind some of the songs, without lingering or seeking pity. He know's this is a rock show, and he doesn't half remind us, with shouts of come on Leeds, lets rock. The music holds his stories, and this is where he does his talking best.

Legends like Idol just deliver, with a brilliant band, who all get time to shine and showcase their excellence between the vocals. Steve Stevens takes up a guitar solo half way through the set list, always a joy when Steve takes the spotlight to deliver rock chords to speed the beating heart of the arenas audience This show delivers a great experience, for the fans, but even for someone who doesn't follow Billy Idol or any of his touring entourage. Any fan of rock will have a great night out, especially when the icing on the cake is the encore of White Wedding.


Dancing With Myself

Cradle of Love

Flesh for Fantasy



Bitter Taste

Eyes Without a Face

Mony Mony

Runnin' From the Ghost

One Hundred Punks

Blue Highway / Top Gun Anthem

Rebel Yell

Rebel Like You

Born to Lose

White Wedding

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