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BEFORE BREAKFAST are thrilled to announce they will be touring their debut album ‘I Could Be Asleep If It Weren’t For You’, which came out in January. The Sheffield duo and two new live band members will be joining Mercury-nominated Scottish composer and musician C Duncan for 5 UK dates, which includes London’s Powerhaus on 19th May, and headlining 6 of their own dates throughout May and June. “The last tour we had booked was supposed to be happening just as the first lockdown was announced in 2020 so we absolutely cannot wait to get back out there, it's been too long. Our album has been waiting to be released for years, so finally getting the chance to show it off around the country feels like a relief, I think we might just just regress to giddy children tbh. The 2019 tour with C Duncan was so incredibly special, we are thrilled to be joining them again on their 2022 tour alongside our own shows. How many bands get asked to support on tour twice?! Lucky us!” – Before Breakfast Gina Walters and Lucy Revis fuse their classical knowledge and rich arrangements with raw expression and layer this with personal storytelling that explores feminist themes. The result is a spell-binding collection of songs knitting together Lucy’s intricate cello with Gina’s expressively haunting vocals. On ‘Wreck’ singer Gina Walters mourns the abrupt end of a relationship and a vanishing future that she once counted on. “I thought that relationship was it: we were going to have babies, and when that ended it wasn’t really about losing my partner. It was about losing this whole future I thought lay ahead of me, this whole family I would lose, my house, my cat… it was an absolute bombshell, and it still gets me over a year later.” ‘I’m A Good Friend’ is the track that has their forthcoming debut album’s title lyric in it. “I’m always on the outside looking in, where’s my story?” Gina Walters croons. “I’m a loner and a loser, say I’m worth more.” The accompaniment of Lucy Revis’ raw harmonies adds another depth of sadness to an all too common conundrum. For single women who have literally spent the best part of the last 2 years stuck inside, staring out of their windows and feeling like life is on hold, yet their bodies are aging, the themes that run through Before Breakfast’s debut album will resonate deeply. On ‘Stand’, the most direct and plain-speaking track on the album, Gina sings, “A house or a heavy womb,” agonising over the idea of having to choose either financial security or motherhood. Lucy wrote the lyrics and made her lyrical debut on ‘Brush My Hair’ after that very tour while coming down from a giddy three-week crush on a bassist. “It was like I was sixteen years old again,” she remembers. “We had this weird little friendship and the song is just about him: it’s lovely and special and I hold him in the highest regard.” Last summer the band returned to the stage to play Latitude, Tramlines and Deer Shed Festival, and they will be announcing more live dates soon. TOUR DATES 7th May Huddersfield - Northern Quarter 8th May Stockton - The Waiting Room 11th May Edinburgh - The Caves (supporting C Duncan) 12th May Manchester - Deaf Institute (supporting C Duncan) 13th May Liverpool - Leaf (supporting C Duncan) 14th May Glasgow - King Tuts (supporting C Duncan) 19th May London - Powerhaus (supporting C Duncan) 20th May Margate - Tom Thum Theatre 21st May Scunthorpe - Café Indiependent 22nd May Hull - New Adelphi Club 4th June Howden - Shire Hall 5th June Newcastle - Cluny 2 Debut album ‘I Could Be Asleep If It Weren’t For You’ is out now on After Dinner Records. FOR MORE INFORMATION Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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