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Is beabadoobee possibly the best thing to happen to alt-rock since Smashing Pumpkins released Siamese Dream, or have their influence impacted the vibe and feel of beabadoobee music. I feel it's most likely a combination of both. I still remembering the first time of hearing The Smashing Pumpkins 'Today' and heading out immediately to get the album it was on to find out i'd have to wait a little longer for Siamese Dream to be released. On first hearing beabadoobee it took me back to that very day, and gave me the same buzz and excitement that I needed to hear more. Luckily for me, this was as I was heading to Sheffield to see her live.

Part of the University Sheffield, the Foundry is a cosy venue, and a great spot to cram in for a rock gig. On arrival the queue was wrapped around the inside of the building like a snake, the anticipation and wanting to get the front was electric, you could feel the buzz way before the gig was due to start. On doors opening, eager fans shot in to get their best spot, carrying message banners, and even flowers to pass onto their idle.

The evening kicked off with a brilliant set from Pretty Sick, giving the crowd a 30 minute warm up, before beabadoobee was due to take to stage at 20:30

I don't know if the set time was shorter than previous as it was a club night at the Foundry so kick out at 21:45. The set list certainly wasn't. As the lights dimmed, the crowd exploded in excitement, there was a genuine overload of anticipation, it was like the night everyone was in need of.

Beabadoobee took to stage kicking off a twenty one song set list, which included an encore of three. Firing the crowd up with 10:36, and leading in with Apple Cider the gig was on. As with many gigs, it was a well blended production of uptempo start, a middle of the more mellow tracks, and ramped up ending to an energetic finish. Beabadoobee finished her delighted fans off with an encore of 'Coffee', 'Ripples', and 'Cologne'

Beabadoobee sounds just as good live as she does on her EP and Albums, with four dates left in October (Glasgow 15th, Brighton 17th, Southampton 18th, and London 19th) you'll be lucky to catch her before she takes off to the USA to complete her 2022 tour. If you can get a ticket to see her before she sets off across the Atlantic, you want be disappointed. Vocally beautiful on albums as live, a superstar of Alt-rock, I cannot wait to capture her again and listen to future albums.

Set List:

  • 10:36

  • Apple Cider

  • Care

  • Fairy Song

  • Worth It

  • Together

  • Charlie Brown

  • Perfect Pair

  • Sunny Day

  • He Gets Me So High

  • Yoshimi

  • See You Soon

  • Sorry

  • She Plays Bass

  • Back To Mars

  • Last Day On Earth

  • Dye It Red

  • Talk

  • Coffee

  • Ripples

  • Cologne

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