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Avril Lavigne

Manchester gets a full slice of emo pop by one of the best. As the kind get his coronation, we gets Canada's queen of emo bringing it all and more. It's strange to think that Avril career has been in our life for 24 years, it doesn't feel possible. As soon as she hits the stage i'm frozen in time. Regardless of her long career, i'm took to the early naughties, and feel everything I felt then. The age group of her audience combines into one, from the youngest to the eldest everyone is on the same level. Manchester Apollo is pack fully sold out, kids to grans, everyone who could get a ticket is here. Avril kicks off with 'Bite Me' and the venue is bouncing, by song three we're at the ultimate combiner for all, Avril's absolute belter and a fan favourite 'Complicated', a much extended version of it. From here there is an increased electricity within the room, and I feel she feels it, knows it, and feeds from it. You can see the comfort zone has hit, and Avril is going to smash it out the park.

And that's what Avril does, as gigs go it's a short set, just thirteen songs, but the set list gives the audience all they require to feel fully satisfied. As it should do, as it's been a long wait with delays going back to 2022, but every day which was passed was worth the wait.

Support came from Phem, who later joined Avril on stage for a classic moment, delivery the Spice Girl cover of Wannabee. For me, if there was one thing I would've changed to the show, I would've finished on Sk8er Boi, or Complicated, they're the ones which really capture the fan base from top to bottom, and would've been the cherry on top of a the emo pop cake.


Bite Me

What the Hell


My Happy Ending

I'm a Mess

Wannabe (Spice Girls cover, with Phem)

Hello Kitty

Love Sux


Love It When You Hate Me

Sk8er Boi

Head Above Water

I'm With You

Here's to Never Growing Up

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