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Leeds Arena

Anne-Marie brings her Dysfunctional Tour to Leeds. Warming up the crowd earlier with Billen Ted DJ Set, and Gracey delivering a fantastic slice of pop, the atmosphere was buzzing.

Kicking off the show Anne-Marie corporated her love martial arts, with a bunch of dancing ninjas slowly blending into the darkness of the stage, until she took centre stage, and brought everyone to their feet with Ciao Adios.

Anne-Marie delivered the perfect slice of pop to the Leeds audience, everything one could expect from a great pop concert, three acts, two costume changes, and an encore. Anne-Marie had everyone dancing, knew when to bring us some chill time by act two, before raising the roof again and ending with confetti canons blowing confetti across all.

Her set was well presented, with well crafted imagery presenting the songs story onto stage. Her entourage of dancers only added to the overall experience, with well crafted performances. Nights like these are the slice of sunshine we all require, to fill us with what's been missing for so long.

It was a shame to see the floor set out for seating, as this clearly was a concert to dance to, not that it stopped anyone, as everyone was on their feet. Had they opened the floor, i'm sure a system could've been worked to allow people to take seat in the arena should they required. It would've added a little something more for the revealers who wanted to stand against the pit wall, giving it their all.

With two great studio albums to choice the set list from, I feel Anne-Marie gave the fans everything they wanted and more. Hopefully we'll see a release of a third album in 2022, and it won't be long until we can dance and singalong together again soon.

Set List

Act one:

Ciao Adios



Tell Your Girlfiend



Act Two


Our Song



Better Off


Act Three

Kiss My (Uh Oh)

Way Too Long

Don't Play




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